Professional Valuations

Professional Valuations

Valuations for Insurance

Having fully documented records of insurance valuations can be vital in the event of loss or damage. We can provide confidential professionally written valuations with full inventory and images for insurance. These will also help in ensuring that any premiums paid accurately reflect your and your insurance company’s requirements.

Valuations for Probate

We offer a professional service to Executors and Trustees for probate valuations in compliance with Section 160 of the 1984 Inheritance Act. Our valuations give an accurate calculation of Inheritance Tax liability and are also useful in ensuring fair and reasonable distribution of assets to beneficiaries. Once probate has been granted, we can advise on the sale by auction for complete or partial estates.

Please contact our office for full details and our competitive fees on these services.

(For Auction Valuations please see our ‘Selling at Auction’ page)